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Never, in the history of mankind, has man been so tested and put to the test. And in the era of globalization and computerization, everyone will only have the space to know exactly what they want to achieve and use all their intelligence and innovation to unveil new paths.
I could cite a dozen examples of people who made history, for every age is marked by great names who pass into eternity by their works, deeds and thoughts. But the history of the world is not built simply by big names, men and women who have become famous for their genius or originality.
Contrary to what we imagine history is most often made of Marias, Paulos, Lourdes, Antonios, Lauras, Jos├ęs and so on. People that books do not mention, but who were present, living, creating, modifying things around them, making a difference.
Remember that you and I, when we get up every day for the daily battle, are participating, writing, and rewriting the story.
Life is a journey toward the goal that each of us establishes for himself, whether personal or professional, but I ask you do you have your goal set? Do you know what strategy to use to reach it?

Most people can not answer these questions properly and do not feel guilty for being one of them, the important thing is to be aware of this and from now on change your attitude and take the reins of your destiny.
I do not know anyone who gets up early in the morning and says to himself, “Today I’m going to do everything wrong”, this does not exist, everyone wakes up with a thirst to overcome those who do it because of ignorance.
There are many tools and processes to assist people in their personal and professional development, but I do not know of any more powerful than Coaching.
Coaching is a highly effective personal and professional development process that equips people with the tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to grow and become more effective and effective. Its methodology is tested and approved by several international institutions that prove and evidence the success and benefits generated by its practice.
Although Coaching is commonly misused on the market by opportunistic people, the process itself is fantastic.
In Coaching there is no direct or indirect intervention, just a partnership between the Coach and the client (Coachee) who wants to change something in their life or profession, and together they establish a goal to be reached in such a way that in the end results are reached or at least are directed to do so.
Because it is a process where the customer is largely responsible for change (coachee), this becomes essentially the center of attention, since only he has all the answers.
That’s why Coach has to essentially like people and be humble enough not to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to be a support for the success of his client, and he must also run into his veins the need for continuous learning.
A coaching process is only successful if the coachee reaches his goal for this there must be a great confidence between both parties and the coachee really be receptive to the changes and the learning.
I believe that all people seek recognition and success, which they often lack is the courage to walk the path that leads them to achieve their dreams.
Have you thought about potentializing your chances through training in coaching, whether for informal personal use with family and friends or professionally to improve your results or even as a 2nd career?
What kind of person do you have to BECOME to live the life of your dreams?
You can make a difference in your life and that of others.
In short, Coaching is to make it happen as individuals who participate in the Coaching process have a new perspective of career challenges and opportunities, improved thinking and decision-making skills, and greater confidence in performing the chosen work.
“To be truly successful, ask yourself four questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now? “James Allen, American essayist (1864-1912).


Coaching, the art of making it happen